Flipo Solar Rope Lights
for Your Indoor and Outdoor Needs.
No More Ballooning Electricity Bills.
Totally Safe Even When It’s Raining!

  • Is there a part of your garden that has no electrical outlet?
  • Or the driveway from your gate to your doorstep is illuminated by lamp posts that add up to your monthly electricity bill?
  • Or you want to decorate your window, driveway, patio and garden with multi-colored lights that are not only energy-saver but extremely safe as well?
  • Or you simply need to light up any part of your house during the night without ever thinking of splicing extra wires or calling up the neighborhood electrician to install extra wire tubes and outlets?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it means you need ROPE LIGHTS that are made using the latest technology, environment friendly and extremely easy to install.

Most importantly, you need lights that don’t require wires and electric outlets to plug them in .

Mind you, these rope lights are not dependent on the electricity socket of your home .

“ARE YOU KIDDING, ME?” You might ask… Definitely not!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly introduce to you, 

Solar Rope Lights

Dear Homeowners,

Times are rough and I understand your need to save in any way you can. You are reading this because you are deeply interested in any product that would give you what you need yet affords you to save money even while you use it on a daily basis.
I am true to my words: I offer a product that does not only help you save on electricity – it WOULDN’T EVER require you to spend on electricity for weeks, months, years, decades, or shall we say, FOREVER!

I’m an Engineer by profession and I know what I’m talking about. This product I’m speaking of is created using cutting-edge technology. The NASA, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the US Military are dabbling on this technology that makes use of a natural resource that doesn’t deplete: THE SUN. Yes, the technology I’m talking about is solar energy.

You might have heard of solar technology during high school. Dont worry; I wont bore you with scientific lecture here. I’ll just briefly point out how solar technology is improving our lives.

  • The Navy and the Army are now using communication devices that are run by power from the sunlight and are totally free from heavy batteries. It is also  used to power up military bases.
  • Telecommunication satellites are using solar panels to recharge their batteries.
  • You can find solar lights in almost every garden.
  • Solar panels are used to heat water and power many houses.

You can get the same incredible technology RIGHT NOW!

Solar Rope Lights

My product, Solar Rope Lights, is a multi-purpose lighting device that uses solar technology for power. It is made from LED bulbs (or light emitting diodes), the same bulbs that are commonly used in larger solar lights because of their efficiency, long lasting life and light intensity.

The LED bulbs are encased in plastic tubing that can withstand any types of weather and even rain, so you’re worry free from bulbs getting wet and bursting into flames. This plastic tubing is very flexible, too, which is why it is called a rope. You can wrap it around trees like you would do with a rope.

These decorative LED solar lights are perfect for lining pathways, windows, trees, pagodas, architectural structures, stairways, decks and any other outdoor area you can envisage.

Flipo solar rope lights come in multiple colors: white, yellow, blue, red, pink and multicolor. Now, your driveway or sidewalks would be bright, cheerful and colorful all year long with these solar powered rope lights.

  • Getting these solar rope lights is basically your chance to very easily decorate your outdoors every night, seven days a week!
  • No longer will you have to pull your hair out trying to bring those electric wires from your home to your garden!
  • No longer will you have to worry about how your outdoor decorative lighting impacts your electricity bill!
  • No longer will you have to stress about children or pets getting electrocuted!

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So What Are You Waiting For?
Save now on electricity and live free from short-circuit worries


Solar Rope Lights


  • Comes in two models: 50 LEDs (Length 23 ft) and 100 LEDs (Length 40 ft)
  • Long lasting extra bright LEDs (light emitting diodes) for more intense and dazzling lights
  • Colors to choose from: white, yellow, blue, red, pink, multicolor and more
  • Will stay illuminated for 8-12 hours
  • Has built-in sensors to automatically light up when the skies go dark
  • Pre-installed Ni-MH 1000mAh AA rechargeable battery that charge up during the day
  • Very flexible; can be bent to accommodate V corners
  • Can withstand water, snow and the heat of the sun during summer
  • No moisture buildup inside the tube casings
  • Stand alone polycrystalline solar panel
  • Mounting hardware included

The solar powered rope lights from Flipo are SO EASY TO INSTALL!

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  • I’m no electrician. Can I install solar rope lights to my patio by myself?

Of course, YOU CAN! You don’t need a special skill to install solar rope lights. Even a child can install them on his bedroom window, if he likes. All he has to do is to bend and twist and hold the rope in place with a plastic wire mesh.

  • I would like our swimming pool illuminated at night. Is your product safe even when it gets in contact with water?

Yes, it is! Many people buy solar powered rope lights specifically for this use. The tube casing is tough, impenetrable from any elements and does not produce moisture inside even if its in contact with water or other cool elements, say snow.

  • Is this thin rope enough to illuminate my driveway?

Yes, it is. But you need to install them on both sides (near the gutter) of the driveway. Well, of course this is for aesthetic reasons. You wouldn’t want your lighting to look incomplete with just one side of the driveway lighted, would you?

  • I would like special light patterns for my garden, like that in hotels and resorts. Do your solar powered rope lights come in special designs or patterns or can I request for a custom-made design?

We don’t have special patterns but you can go to neon sign makers to custom-design our solar rope lights for you. These decorative solar lights are very flexible and can be twisted or bent to form into a Christmas tree, a palm tree, a snowman, a beach hut, or any design you want. Since our ropes come in different length and colors, you can create almost any kinds of design you can imagine.

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